1st SOSFEN International Scientific Research Conference


September 21 - 23 2019 Matiat Hotel Mardin / Midyat 375

About The Conference

Our conference complies with the criterias of Associate Professor and Academic Incentive. It's classified as a scientific event and all the absracts and full articles will be published in a book with ISBN.

Our conference will be held in Midyat, "the land of languages and religion".Midyat is known for its filigree, almond candy and roasted chickpea. Its name is derived from "matiate" which means the city of caves. Its said that the name "matiate" was first encountered in Assyrian inscriptions from 9th century BC.

Christianity dominated the region until the 5th century A.D. After 6th century with the spread of Islam, it was conquered by the armies of Halit B. Velid. The region was developed during the Abbasid period. Most of the Midyat villages were established during the reign of Harun El Reşit.

Midyat is host to a variety of productions these days and its waiting for respected scientists like you with its ancient tolerance, rich cuisine and tourist spots

Conference lanhuagaes are Turkish, English and Arabic.

Midyat Matiat Hotel

Touristic Spots

  • Midyat Clock Tower
  • Midyat Old Town
  • Midyat Old Historic Houses
  • Midyat Filigree Bazaar
  • Midyat Historic Guest House
  • Estel Culture House
  • Estel Inn

Included in the fee*

  • Badge
  • Certificate of participation
  • Snacks
  • Publication of Abstracts in Conference Handbook
  • Publishing Full Texts in Conference Full Text Book
  • Midyat Clock Tower Trip
  • Midyat Old Town Trip
  • Midyat Old Historic Houses Trip
  • Midyat Filigree Bazaar Trip

* Accommodation and lunch isn't included in the fee.


Deadline for Abstracts

August 21st

Deadline for Payments

August 28th

Declaring the Schedule

September 4th

Deadline for Full Texts

September 12nd (Optional)


September 21st

Join Us

Applications from all disciplines are accepted at our conference.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Science
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Arts
  • Mathematics and Engineering
  • Veterinary and Agricultural Science

To join us, you need to send your abstracts via email to sosfenkongre@gmail.com until August 21st. A bank account number for the payment will be sent to those who are accepted.

You can send multiple applications with one participation fee.

Poster presentation fee is 125TL.

Writing Rules

  • Abstracts should be under 1000 words,
  • Abstracts should include 3 keywords that describes the full text,
  • Everything should be written using Times New Roman font and 10pt font size. You should also justify the text on both sides,
  • Margins should be 2.5cm on all sides,
  • APA-5 style should be used throughout the entire text.
All the abstracts will be checked to see if they fit these rules after the congress.